Cultural Club

As every campus has its own speciality, Christ Campus is also very famous for the celebrations held in the campus. Christ campus celebrates many events every year. It brings enthusiasm among the students of christities. Every year campus celebrates all the religious festivals like Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas and Onam. Campus also has various clubs like Commerce association, Natural Club, Trend setters, Culture Club, Sports Club etc, which celebrates various days like Traditional Day, mismatch day, back to school days, Rose day, friendship day, flowers day, Teachers day, Sports Day and the Annual Day.

Sports Club

We at CIIM; believe in holistic development of a student. Through sports they imbibe values like team spirit & collaboration. They work in teams to deliver results. Sports develop competitive spirit in them. It’s an excellent platform where leadership qualities are nourished in individuals.

  •   Our pedagogy provides an ample scope for mental & physical grooming of tomorrows budding managers. It incorporates sportsmanship & fosters competitiveness. Students are encouraged to participate in national as well as international sporting events occurring across the country.
  •   ALTIUS - Inter-Faculty Football Tournament
  •   We have a large pool of faculties having diversified ethnic backgrounds. Along with academic excellence they are great sports person when it comes to on-field competition.

It’s a perfect blend of studies and sports aimed at ensuring sound health and mind to the faculties acting as mentors and role model to students. The energy they unleash on fields gets easily transformed into classroom learning.

Finance Club : Chanakya

It aims to connect the students between the classroom and the practical life. Periodic speakers sessions from various sectors of financial services industry are organized to give student a rich feel of the various aspects of practical issues. We also organize periodic quiz and case competitions to help the students test their knowledge and skills in finance. Students have been provided with Money control which is an online financial trading similar where students use virtual money to understand the risks and return attached with various financial instruments where prices feeds come directly from NSE,MCX and NCDEX.

Marketing Club : The Horizon

It provides a platform where students can practice their learning and hone up their skills while contributing and winning new perspectives from peers. The society always appreciates fresh ideas which may bring more discussions and improve domain of marketing skills of all who are associated. The students not only get a chance to read, study, discuss and implement but also interact with industrial honchos who have made difference by their marketing skills. The club constantly thrives for new ways to share vibrant ideas that lie insides the budding marketers.

Entrepreneurship developent Cell - EDC

Today Entrepreneurs play a crucial role by reshaping the status quo of a nation through creating innovative business model & practices, generating employments & contributing to the economic growth.

The salience of Entrepreneurship in India has intensified in recent times. According to a recent report from the National Knowledge commission There is a need to demystify perceptions of risk and failure by facilitating dissemination of best practices as well as documentation of unsuccessful ideas in the entrepreneurial space.

There is a constant need for synergies between Educations (including modern vocational education training/skill development), Innovation (converting ideas into wealth and employment) and Entrepreneurship is encouraged. We at CIM, aim at synergizing vocational education with innovative Ideas; thus unleashing student’s potentials and exposing them towards the challenges.

We also provide an environment that helps in grooming budding professionals with the knowhow of entrepreneurial spirit and provide an outlook of best practices and innovative models followed across the globe. We encourage them to learn from failure and develop ideas which are feasible and applicable in real life.

Research & Innovation Cell

Management research plays a role both in terms of the competitive environment of business schools and research in the management education process. Research energizes and re-engages brain and has achieved an effective strategic position in the context of the modern university. There exists a gap between theory and practice, in both management research and in management teaching. Research cell at CIM tries to bridge this gap through building appropriate patterns of linkage and engagement.

The basic objectives of the cell are to develop research aptitude and inculcate research skill in students, to work on problem focused live projects as per the industry requirements to publish industry and / or company focused research article/articles in trade journals and magazines, reports and books and to prepare student managers to participate in paper presentation competitions organized by various business schools and business houses

Cells Activities include developing and nurturing research talent in order to promote research culture, preparing budding managers for participation in various research paper competitions and organizing intra-institute research paper competition, workshops and guest lectures