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Colosseum-2019 Introduction

Colosseum 2019
Where there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph Pierre Corneille

Colosseum 2019 – Battle for Excellence is an amalgamation of 8 competitions which focuses on education and entertainment i.e. Colosseum 2019 is an edutainment package.

The competitions that have been included are:

  •  Money Mantra: It deals with efficient allocation and management of finances
  •  Build the Brand: It deals with building the brand with the help of marketing tactics
  •  People Matter: It deals with human capital utilization tactics
  •  Best Manager: It intends to unlock individual potentials to become better. A good manager takes people where they would never go on their own.
  •  Bid-to-Win: It provides a platform to bid the prices and win the products shown live to them.
  •  Economic Angle: It is a relay race where one participant has to pick a topic which was left by the earlier participant and try to find its economic effects and likewise the chain goes on.
  •  Picture Story: A platform to showcase the instant photography skills combined with storytelling.
  •  Best Vendor: A live game where the vendors list their products on a virtual e-commerce website keeping in mind the demand and supply of products. During the game vendors may earn money or loose sometimes. The one who earns maximum will be the winner.